2013 Summer Internship - Call for Applications

The Vision and Cognition Lab is pleased to announce our 2013 Summer Internship Program held May 29 - July 31, 2013 at Johns Hopkins University. Each summer the Vision Sciences Group at Johns Hopkins University offers a limited number of internships for college undergraduates, under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Flombaum and Dr. Justin Halberda. Interns will gain experience with current behavioral techniques for investigating visual attention, working memory, and a number of fields within Cognitive Psychology. Interns will work closely with both professors and with graduate students and postdocs in the lab along with a number of other summer interns from around the country. Each intern will focus on an individual project and carry out data collection and analysis under the direction of the lab.

Read the official announcement or download an application (due by email Feb 28, 2013).

About Our Lab

In The Vision & Cognition Lab (directed by Prof. Justin Halberda) we’re interested in the limits of visual attention and visual working memory (VWM) and how these limits are affected by the structure of the information to be stored.  For instance, while the limit of visual working memory has traditionally been discussed as either information- or object-based (e.g. a limit of 3 objects) research in our lab suggests that in some cases VWM can store sets of items rather than single objects (e.g. a limit of 3 sets) (Halberda et at, 2006).  These results extend what counts as an “object” in VWM to include sets of multiple items that share some distinctive property or location and reveals new “ensemble features” which collapse information across multiple objects.  While this work is a major portion of the lab’s current research, we are interested in all aspects of visual attention and visual working memory.  Typical experiments in the lab use visual search, change detection, or rapid parallel enumeration as a method.  Students also have the opportunity to run experiments in our affiliated Laboratory for Child Development where we test infants and children in a variety of tasks relevant to visual attention and working memory. We also have ongoing collaborations with our other affiliated labs including projects with Dr. Jonathan Flombaum and Dr. Steve Yantis.