This was a testimonial posted by a parent who recently visited our lab:

"Ok - this is my last post for this evening!  I also have been meaning to share a recent experince Lauren and I had.  I am sure that many of you may recall receiving a letter shortly after your child(ren) was/were born from the Johns Hopkins Lab for Child Development.  The lab is a brand new facility which Lauren and I visited about a week ago.  I had sent in the info that the lab had sent me...more or less just inquiring what they were all about...and yes, I too wondered if it was the type of place you see advertised in the papers looking for "specimens" as people to inject, etc!.  Quite the contrary....

"After numerous conversations with the researchers there, what I learned is that they do development studies of children of all ages ( up to 7 years old (I think)).  They told me that if I chose to register Lauren with a study that they would basically give her things to do for about 15 minutes or so, and that they would then use that info in studying children and their developmental behaviors.  (i.e. just watching reactions to certain medical studies!!!)))

"So, with that in mind, and knowing how many wonderful magazine articles I have truly enjoyed reading about all that relates to children at different stages, I thought....well they have to get that info somehow!!! 

"It really was a great experience.  Jennifer (the researcher with whom I met and with whom Lauren was 'measured') met me at my car (its at Johns Hopkins University - not the hospital - so not downtown) with a parking pass (i.e. - its free parking).  We then proceeded to the lab which is a state of the art facility....brand new...clean as can be...and very professional.  We were the only people there.  Truthfully, I didn't really know what to expect other than that I knew they were conducting a study regarding children around Lauren's age (15 months or so) and their ability to group objects together and remember them once they were out of site.

"Upon arrival at the Lab, Jennifer sat with me and explained what would happen.  I then signed a consent form which confirmed all of the concerns about anonomity (sp?) - sorry it's late)) and as well , made sure that I understood that I could leave at any time or stop the study at any time for any reason.

"After that we went into the lab testing room where Lauren sat in a high chair.  Jennifer had a good size big black box with a slit in the side that you could reach into.  In about 6-8 different scenarios, Jennifer placed items that might be familiar to a child or not familiar to a child - in certain orders, and then hid them in the box. (one was a car, another a small cat, the third a "shrimp" and a 4th a truck of some kind)  The measurement was based on the order of the items in which they were shown to Lauren, how many of them and what Lauren did once they were placed in the big black box - i,e, did she look for all 4 items if she was shown four items on the outside of the box? Etc Etc.

"Anyway - it was a really positive experience.  We were probably there for about 45 minutes or so including the parking, etc.  There is a play area out front to entertain your child while you get the low down on the study.  This particular study that we were a part of took 10-15 mintues.  The reasearchers were also very helpful on the phone in explaining what it was all about.

"I just thought I woud share that this was a really positive experience for us and I know that perhaps we might be helping the mommy magazine articles of the future and the knowledge of child development in the future for anyone who is interested.

"Below is their website -

"At the website, you can learn about the research they conduct, go on a
virtual tour of the lab, etc.

"If anyone is interested, you can download the brochure from the home page
(under "click here for our brochure") and send it in.  You can also call there if of you have any interest or questions.

"Also, feel free to email me privately if you have any questions. 

"PS - I have no affiliation with the Lab or the school - just had a good experience that I thought I would share as they are always looking for children to participate. "

-Tami and Lauren (almost 15 months!!)