Lisa Feigenson, Ph.D.

What is the format of the mental representations that store information, and what computations can we perform over these representations? Our research explores answers to these questions for the case of the concept “individual”. This work both draws from and unites research in numerical cognition, object-based attention, and short-term memory. Our research centers on infants and young children. By examining key points in development we can gain insight into the role played by a set of representations as new knowledge is acquired, and as new knowledge structures are created.

Curriculum Vitae:

Justin Halberda, Ph.D.

Professor Halberda's research focuses on two main topics. The first is an interest in language acquisition and the possibility that logical deductive inference may play a role in the learning of new words. The second is an interest in the organization of attention and the connection of mind to world. Students in the lab work with infants, children and adults using classic anticipatory-looking paradigms and eye-tracking as well as computational modeling.

Curriculum Vitae:




Alexis Smith -
Lab Manager

I received a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University, where I worked as the Head Research Assistant for the Developing Minds Lab. I'm interested in the influence children's relationships have on their social and emotional development. I'm excited to explore this through a more cognitive lens in the Laboratory for Child Development!




Jenny Wang -
6th year graduate student

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I'm interested in how the primary cognitive systems that we are born with and are shared among different species enable us to acquire the complicated symbolic knowledge that no other animals enjoy. My approach to this question is to ask two more specific questions: What role does our intuitive sense of number play in our symbolic mathematics? How does the developing concept of object interact with acquisition of corresponding language expressions?



Rita Loiotile -
6th year graduate student






Jasmin Perez -
3rd year graduate student

I am interested in the kinds of early hypotheses infants form about an object's behavior within and outside of a prescribed spatial context. Moreover, I’d like to learn how these early hypotheses change throughout development to allow children and adults to form accurate and flexible representations of more complex object interactions.








Dikachi Osaji - Senior
I am a Senior Psychology and Public Health double major on a pre-medical track with a Theater Arts and Studies minor. I love playing and working with children and I'm thrilled to pursue my interest in the development of children's memory abilities. I am proud to be part of this group of motivated researchers and look forward to expanding my knowledge of childhood development through research.


Maria Chroneos - Senior
I am a Senior Cognitive Science major and French minor, and am so excited to be joining the LCD for my fifth semester! In the lab I am interested in understanding more about child language acquisition cognition, but am more generally interested in neurodevelopmental disorders and their cognitive consequences. I have always loved working with kids and after graduating, I hope to pursure an MD/PhD and spend my career treating kids and studying development!


Anthony Davidson - Junior
I am a Junior Neuroscience major and Psychology minor on the pre-med track, as well as a member of the Johns Hopkins football program. Children represent an incredible opportunity to learn about the origins of the human mind, and I am thrilled to be involved in such a renowned lab at the forefront of the field. My time spent here in the lab will certainly provide ample experiences as I transition into a future career as a physician.


Molly Kamicar - Senior
I am a Senior Writing Seminars major with a minor in Psychology, and I'm beyond excited to begin my first semester with the Lab for Chld Development! I'm looking forward to working hands-on with children both in the lab and at the Maryland Science Center, and I'm eager to gain a better understanding of how children think, grow and perceive the world! Working in the lab will help me prepare to pursue my dream career in child psychology.


Stephanie Klaskin- Junior
I am a Junior Cognitive Science and English major with a minor in Entrepeneurship and Management. I am interested in pursuing education psychology in the future, and I am so excited to work in the Lab for Child Development where I can observe the different ways in which children learn from the world around them. I can't wait to help conduct research with the Lab for Child Development team and work with children!


Cora McCaffrey - Junior
I am a Junior Psychology major here at Johns Hopkins. I absolutely love working with children and seeing all that they are capable of. I am excited to be able to join a team of people who strive to better understand the human mind and to be able to do so in a hands-on research environment.


Giselle Edwards - Sophomore
I am a Public Health and Cognitive Science double major who is super excited to be joining the Lab for Child Development! In particular, I'm interested in exploring children's learning and memory development as I work alongside my mentors. I look forward to the new challenges and what I will learn from them in the semesters to come.



Madeleine Cuan - Sophomore
I am a Sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Public Health and minoring in Psychology. In addition to being an elementary school tutor and teaching children's Jiu Jitsu classes, I am thrilled to join the Lab for Child Development. Being a research assistant will allow me the opportunity to continue learning about children's cognitive capabilities and how developmental changes can impact the way in which we educate children.



Courtney Gregor -
Previous graduate student



post doc

Andrea Quintero
Former Post-Doctoral Fellow


Aimee Stahl
Ph.D. 2015

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at The College of New Jersey


Melissa Kibbe
Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University


Darko Odic
Ph.D. 2014

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Canada

Melissa Libertus
Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh

Heena Lakhani
M.A. 2012

Science Education Analyst; National Science Foundation (NSF)

Rebecca Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Denison University

Mariko Moher
PhD 2011

Assistant Professor of Psychology at Williams Colege

Chad Spiegel
M.A. 2009

Research Assistant; Department of Psychiatry at the F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Jennifer Zosh
Ph.D. 2009

Professor - Penn State Brandywine

Thesis: Beyond “what” and “how many”: An investigation of working memory for objects in infancy

Len Taing
M.A. 2006

Thesis: Counting in deaf and hearing individuals: An interaction of language and thought



Karen Ho

Use of chunking to increase spatial working memory capacity in preschool-aged children

The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2013

Rachel Austin

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Thesis: On the nature of early representations of plural sets

The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2010

Arin Tuerk

Undergraduate Research Assistant Thesis: Heterogenous object arrays increase working memory capacity in 7-month old infants

The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2008

Meredith Brinster

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Thesis: Inference is better than Instruction: The relative strengths of indirect and direct word learning in preschoolers

The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2007



Summer Internship Program 2017

Back (from left): Gianna Li, Justin Halberda, Lisa Feigenson, Allison Rhodes, Jenny Wang, Jasmin Perez, Alex Silver, Josh Langfus, Samantha Redig, Nadine Rozell

Front (from left): Jennaveve Yost, Kathleen Cracknell, Andrea Quintero, Arianna Hernandez


Summer Internship Program 2013

Back (from left): Lisa Feigenson, Julissa Veras, Darko Odic, Eliza Parrott, Lauren Quast, Cambria Litsey, Hrag Pailian

Middle (from left): Melissa Libertus, Melissa Kibbe, Aimee Stahl, Krista Grubb, Jenny Wang, Justin Halberda

Front (from left): Mandy Skoranski, Rebecca Zhu, Allie Schneider, Karina Hamamouche


Summer Internship Program 2012

Back (from left): Nick Tacke, Casey Hall, Elyse Thulin, Darko Odic, Stephanie Caronna, Grace Lisandrelli, Brent Rappaport

Middle (from left): Amy Lai, Melissa Libertus, Aimee Stahl, Melissa Kibbe

Front (from left): Lisa Feigenson, Mandy Skoranski, Misti Jeffers, Ruxue Shao, Justin Halberda


Summer Internship Program 2011

Back (from left): Lisa Feigenson, Christy Lindahl, Jane Li, Emma Schmitt, Claire Veazey, Alex D'Esterre, Anne Hermes, Darko Odic

Front (from left): Erin Walsh, Lina Montoya, Reba Rosenberg, Aimee Stahl, Heena Lakhani, Melissa Libertus, Mariko Moher, Selin Zeytinoglu, Justin Halberda

Summer Internship Program 2010

Back (from left): Darko Odic, Anna Zamm, Andrea Stevenson, Dominic Gibson

Row 2 (from left): Bhaavana Venkatesh, Tiffany Williamson, Alison Goldstein, Melissa Libertus, Reba Rosenberg

Row 1 (from left): Jennifer Graham, Haesung Kim, Karina Lin, Mariko Moher

Front (from left): Lisa Feigenson, Justin Halberda

Summer Internship Program 2009

Back (from left): Nick Minar, Andrea Stevenson, Katie Muenks, Kirsten Schohl, Darko Odic

Row 2 (from left): Micaela Gonzalez, Hee Yeon Im, Jessica Koski, Chad Spiegel

Row 1 (from left): Xin Yuen, Mariko Yamaguchi, Katie Hudson, Rebecca Rosenberg

Front (from left): Justin Halberda, Lisa Feigenson


Summer Internship Program 2008

Back (from left): Ellen McClure, Jenn Zosh, Lisa Feigenson, Justin Halberda, Kate Ekman, Mariko Yamaguchi

Front (from left): Andrea Stevenson, Miyuki Nishimura, Lenae Stansky, Kelli Hill, Sara Fitt



The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2020

Julia Bernal

Reece Carter

Sofia Cohen

The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2019

Vyshnavi Anandan

Abby Berk

Kate Carosella

Rama Imad

Amos Jeng

Lindsay Martin

Lily McCarthy

Arthi Rameshkumar

Madhura Shah


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2018

Emily Alway

Carol Daffre

Spandana Mandaloju

Natalie Qin

Ally Rogers

Daphna Varadi


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2017

Allie McManus

Julia Phoon

Janay Smith

Sansriti Tripathi


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2016

Clarissa Alfes

Dilara Ertenu

Carli Heiman

Eva Larson

Kelly Sharer


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2015

Alexa Lantiere

Marisa Santoru

Alex Silver


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2014

Susan Folsom

Ellie Kaplan

Caren Lewis

Sam Tuepker

Julissa Veras


The Johns Hopkins University Class of 2013

Stephanie Caronna

Geena Frumkin

Karen Ho

Bridget McGowan





Alex Silver
Previous Project Coordinator and Lab Manager



Allison Rhodes
Previous Project Coordinator

steph Stephanie Caronna
Previous Lab Coordinator
Monica Monica Daniels
Previous Project Coordinator

Dominic Gibson
Previous Lab Coordinator



Mandy Skoranski
Previous Lab Manager


Andrea Stevenson
Previous Lab Coordinator